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djcl has helped many clients reach their full online potential by providing innovative, Internet solutions. We help organisations to reach their desired audience efficiently and effectively.

Oversee develops and operates various internet businesses. Their mission is to turn new and innovative internet ideas into a successful reality. Their holdings are focused on helping webmasters and other internet companies profit from their own websites. These holdings include Oversee's Internet search engine. Currently taking 4% of all Internet searches according to Nielsen NetRatings (1).

Image of search portal created by djcl

djcl were selected to create a "Search portal" that webmasters of the Oversee affiliate program TargetWords, could use to generate money and for Oversee to receive quality, targeted traffic. We created the Oversee solution in the time-frame outlined and continue to work with the Oversee company to this day.

"djcl's creativity along with their professionalism makes them one of the best web designers that we have worked with. Turnaround time is fast and reliable"
- Lawrence Ng, co-founder and CEO -

(1) Nielsen NetRatings, 12th October 2004,


iOnline are an online content-creation, marketing and consultation company whose revenues are generated primarily through advertising sales and web development contracts.

They are currently creating a network of Australian-based content sites, each of which targets a different segment of the population. Developing and maintaining one of the single most popular networks of websites in Australia. Already, their network of sites collectively attract more than one million unique visitors monthly, and deliver well in excess of eight million pageviews during the same period.

Ignite Search Banner Example

djcl were selected to create banners to promote iOnline's IgniteSearch Internet property. The advertising banners were then so successful that they were included in several affiliate programs for IgniteSearch.

"My experience with djcl was one marked by consistent communication throughout the creative process. djcl not only met, but exceeded my expectations in terms of the efficiency of their turnaround and the quality of their design work. All this, and they remain one of the most affordable creative firms in their market."
- Joshua Smith, founder and Managing Director - iOnline Pty Ltd

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